The Brain Aneurysm Foundation provides support and educational materials to the medical community, the newly diagnosed, survivors, family members, friends and the general public regarding the facts, treatment options, and recovery process for brain aneurysms. 

The Joe Niekro Foundation is committed to research and treatment of aneurysm patients and families.  All funds are used to educate the public about brain aneurysms, to support patients and families, and to develop awareness programs and educational materials for hospitals, treatment centers and neurological institutions worldwide. 

  • What is a brain aneurysm?
  • What are the risk factors?
  • What are brain aneurysm symptoms?
  • How do they form?
  • How are brain aneurysms diagnosed?
  • What are the best treatment options?
  • Why are they dangerous?


  1. Activity restrictions
  2. Memory changes
  3. Screening of family
  4. Rejoining workforce
  5. Rebleeding risks
  6. Travelling risks
  7. ​Pregnancy risks

Michael Chen, MD is a board-certified, Associate Professor at Rush University Medical Center.  His training consists of neurology residency, stroke and neuroendovascular surgery fellowships at Yale, Harvard and Columbia respectively.  Dr. Chen's practice focuses on minimally invasive, endovascular treatments of brain and spinal cord vascular disease, with a particular focus on brain aneurysms.  He has been in practice for nearly 10 years.

Dr. Chen has been interviewed on ABC, FOX and CBS news as well as the Chicago Tribune and the Wall Street Journal.  He has been awarded grants by the Brain Aneurysm Foundation and Lumosity.  He has authored over 70 peer-reviewed scientific papers, invited to speak at national and international meetings, and serves as an associate editor for the Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery.  He has been elected to the Board of Directors for the Society for Neurointerventional Surgery (SNIS) for the last two years.  He also serves on the Standards & Guidelines Committee and will co-chair the 2017 SNIS Annual Meeting.  He works actively as a scientific advisory board member for the Niekro Foundation and the Bee Foundation. He has previously served on the Rush University Medical Staff Executive Committee.


The Brain Aneurysm Resource Center aims to help patients understand all of their options.  Every patient is unique, and usually the best decisions are made after careful consideration of the medical history, anatomic details, an understanding of all management options including observation, knowledge of the scientific literature, and a consideration of the patients beliefs, values and preferences.  

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The mission of The Bee Foundation is to reduce the number of deaths caused by brain aneurysms through awareness, research and education.   

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Neurosurgeons, stroke neurologists and neurointensivists at Rush University Medical Center specializing in cerebrovascular disease collaborate closely with our team to improve our diagnostic accuracy and develop effective treatment options.  We are proud to be certified Comprehensive Stroke Center and strive to maintain high standards in patient care. 

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